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Intersection Group

Intersection 24 Conference & EDGY Advanced Workshop - Regular Ticket

Join the full Intersection 24 Conference.

EDGY Advanced Workshop included!

Date: September 18th-20th 2024

Location: Lumsa University, Rome

"The Enterprise on the Edge"

This is Intersection 24, the leading conference on strategic Enterprise Design. This year we're marking our 10th anniversary since our first edition in 2014.

What has changed since we started? We moved beyond discussing theoretical frameworks to collect dozens of cases of practical Enterprise Design. We released EDGY 23, an easy to use Open Source tool for co-creating better enterprises. We launched Intersection Group, a not-for-profit building a global community of practitioners coming from different angles and disciplines.

So what's next? This year, we are looking into enterprises "on the edge".

  • "Cutting Edge" enterprises: Those that seize opportunities, make changes happen and thrive. We're looking for stories of courageous shared ambitions that came to life and made a difference in people's experiences.

  • Enterprises "on edge": Those that face big environmental, societal or ecosystem challenges. We're curious about ways to understand and frame such challenges, reinventing enterprise identities and co-evolving enterprise architectures.

  • EDGY enterprises: Those that are making use of EDGY to build bridges and achieve shared understanding of enterprise elements and facets. We're collecting use cases across the globe to inspire each other and contribute to a rich and growing practice.

We share one challenge: To design and build enterprises that are more purposeful, useful and successful. We are thrilled to invite you to 3 days of inspiring talks, cases and workshops in Rome.

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